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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day it all changed part 2

As Ben and Carol Ann sat der in dat lil country church dey begun a thinkin dat dey wuz a missin something in der lives. Dey began to feel like to be de peoples dey wanted to be dey would need help and dey began to feel sorry fo all de bad dey had ever dun, so when de preacher asked if anyone wated to git saved both Carol Ann and Ben went forward dey got down on de knees and asked King Jesus in de hearts and jus like dat a feelin came over dem like a ton of bricks dey didnt even know dey wuz carryin came off of dem.Dat night wuz about de coldest de had seen but Ben and Carol Ann dey be bout as warm as they had ever been.De shure wuz happy dat night.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The day it all changed

Ben jus plum passed out and Carol Ann looked down at him and her blood it went to boiling. She got her big ol kettle and she went to whopping up on Ben's daddy somethin fierce! Liked to beat him to death and she would've too ifn she hadn't thought of Ben needin help. She quit de beatin and de old rascal ran off and dat be de last time de see ol man Walker. Carol Ann took off her sock and used it fo a bandage. She splashed some water on Ben's face and he come to. He said "what happened" And Carol Ann told him his daddy had stabbed him, but he was gonna be o.k. she werent gonna be no widower yet. Carol Ann said" an just when we about to go to church too. Now we can't" Ben shot straight up and sade "oh yes we can we's a going." "But, Ben your hurt" Carol Ann snapped back. Ben sade "Don't ya see de ol devil don't want us to go so bad he sent my pa up here to try and take me out so I couldn't go, something good must gonna be a happening Carol Ann we just gots to go honey don't you see?" Carol Ann sade "now I see Ben now Is do" And so with Ben all bandaged up and Carol Ann missing her sock dey made der way to the little ol church house.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sick day

sorry no post today not feeling well

Monday, January 18, 2010

Der first Sunday

Befo dey could even get uo tho dat morning Ben's daddy who'd a been out a drinkin all nite he got madder and madder Ben's money wuz gone and he knew he had a been savin behind his back so he shows up befo daybreak and commences to start beating on po Ben. He's a hollerin and a cussin somethin fierce.Now Ben had always took his daddy's beatins an never sade a word, but now dis wuz different He wuz on hiz property and Ben wuz now a married man. Ben began to swingback at hiz daddy and as he did so he began to let it all out. He dun told him about all those years of being ashamed of him and hiz name an how he wusn't a gud man, a gud husban or a gud fader. That made de ol man so mad he took out a knife and he cut Ben in de side. Realizin whut he dun he run off. Ben stood der in shock he knew his daddy had dun dat befo to folk in a fight but he never thought he would he would uuuhhhh.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

De First Week of Marriage

De first few days when dey git off of work Carol Ann she stop by de crik and git em sum wader to cook with and Ben he be bringing home a few rocks what to build a cover fo de well. Why Ben be digging with a borrowed shovel Carol Ann be washing de clothes and cooking dey supper. De be freezing of a night so dey sleep in de clothes and dey pray it don't rain. Sum people from de church came by and Carol Ann and Ben de decide de gonna be church folk.
Now by de time Saturday git here Ben dun got half the place cleared, but dey really be needing water so he dug that ol well hole all day and little Carol Ann on her hands and knees be pullin weeds and clearing dat land off. Dey had to git to bed early on a count of tomarraw be der first church service and de shure don't wanna be late and make people think less of em cause anyone dat know de family is gonna be wondering whats up when dey show up.
By de end of de day Carol Ann got de whole place cleared and Ben he done dug six feet deep but no water yet. As dey lay der dat night shiverin in de col de felt so warm in der hearts as dey looked around der newly cleared land, dey felt so blessed of God and laying der in cold nite air dey decided tomarraw de wuz gonna Praise de Lord in his house.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dat First Night

Now dat first nite, it be a strange night for both of dem. Dey be all hungry and anxious and cold. Dey only things dey brought with dem is some blankets and a pillow a piece. As dey snuggled into der little hut Ben built, dey knew dey couldn't survive dis way long so on der wedding night dey stayed up and talked pert near all night long. Dey's a makin plans for dey life togeder. First thing dey decide is dey ain't gonna be like der families wuz. Dey gonna be honorable folk. Dey gonna go to church and be somebody. Dey gonna work hard and try to have something. Dey made another impotant decision dat night and dat wuz until dey had a real roof over dey head dey would not bring a child into dis world till dey could raise it rite. Dat last one wuz gonna be the hard part. Could Ben hold out fo de sake of his family?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Marryin Day

So Ben and Carol Ann dey dun decided to git hitched. Ben paid massa Walker for de land. Now beens dey no house on it Ben and Carol Ann waded until March 1st. So it not be too cole on em of a night. Dey didn't even tell der folks till dat morning. Dey went to de courthouse and sade dey I dos and den Carol Ann had to go to work her mean old lady wouldn't even give her de day off. Massa Walker gave it to Ben along with a raise to a quarder a week! Carol Ann got a raise too! Togeder dey would make thirty fi cent a week.
Ben went off to de farm and began a workin up a storm. He got down on his hands and his knees and began to pullin de weeds rite out de ground with his bare hands. When he had cleared a space off at de front he began to pick up all de rocks he could and put em in a circle so's dey could build a fire. Den he cut every limb he could and used em to build a little shelter with a sloped roof and an open fron and sides. Den he took all dem clippings from de weed pulling and use dem to fix the roof with. Not bad he thought for a start.
When Carol Ann got off she hightailed it over to de sto. She bought em a kettle and some potatoes and two forks and jus dat wuz thirty cent. Oh no how would dey ever make it?What had dey done? She was a worryin herself to death.She finally got home and seen what all Ben had dun she was so proud. De fire wuz cracklin and Ben wuz a smilin. Life wuz finally lookin up. Oh NO she had Plum for got to stop by de creek and git some water to use fo de potatoes. What wuz Ben gonna say. Could she do did? Could she be a good wife?